Welcome to the POP THIS! Popcorn Shop website. This site will lead you to all of our gourmet popcorn varieties available for selection in brightly decorated tins. POP THIS! pops out of two locations - one in New Buffalo , MI since 2007 and our newest store at Woodfield Shopping Center, Schaumburg Illinois.

We offer over 30 mouth watering flavors of popcorn. Flavors range from our well known varieties - slip sliden' buttery, cheesy cheese, and melt in your mouth caramel to flavors for those who want to experience a different poppin sensation - decadent chocolate drizzled cherry, muddy rocks and after burner crushed red pepper! You can purchase a decorated gift canister filled with a single flavor of choice or mixed to your specified delight! We also offer a corporate gift program and personalized packages for special events or occasions.

So get poppin to your online selection. And when in the area, don't forget to pop into one of our stores.